The Wheels Down Politics Show – My Day at the Iowa Ag Summit – Part 2

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Scott Walker
Gov. Scott Walker & Bruce Rastetter

Part 2 of Jerry Kratochvil’s day at the Presidential Iowa Ag Summit in Des Moines. Kratochvil plays recordings of questions and answers from the Press Scrum with Senators Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum and gives his views on the different candidate performances, including the closer, Governor Scott Walker.


The latest Quinnipiac University Poll of likely Iowa Republican Caucus participants shows:
Name %
Walker 25
Paul 13
Carson 11
Huckabee 11
Bush 10
Cruz 5
Christie 4
Rubio 4
Santorum 4
Perry 3
Jindal 2

For avoidance of confusion, Gov. Mike Huckabee won the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, and Sen. Rick Santorum won the 2012 Caucuses.

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