Welcome to Wheels Down Politics – Iowa!

WDsquareIowaWelcome to Wheels Down Politics – Iowa!

Wheels Down Politics – Iowa is a new blog talking about all things political in Iowa. We will be writing and talking about local, state and national issues — obviously with a heavy dose of attention on the Caucuses as well.

And why?

My name is Jerry Kratochvil, and I am the Editor and chief writer here. I have been an observer of politics in the state for many years, and spent time campaigning in Iowa as well. As an organization director for Chuck Grassley way-back-when, I got hooked on Iowa political chops. Since then I have been involved in politics one way or another, and decided the time was right to spread my thoughts around.

But I will get help as well. Iowans more politically seasoned than I will be adding their thoughts to the discussion here, and we hope to keep that group growing.


And why “Wheels Down Politics”? Well, for years we have all heard that places like Iowa and Nebraska and Kansas and the Dakotas are the “fly over” states. But give that a little thought.

When was the last time Chris Christie or Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee flew OVER Iowa? It’s not a fly-over state, it’s a fly-INTO state. And in the campaign vernacular when you have a VIP coming in, the times you pay attention to are “Wheels Down” (when all things start happening for real) and “Wheels Up” (when you can finally kick back for a few minutes).

So welcome to Wheels Down Politics, where politics lands.


But why the “- Iowa” at the end? Well, WheelsDownPolitics.com is the hub of the growing political network that started earlier this year. The first spoke off of that is “LeavenworthSt.com”, a Nebraska politics blog that has been operating for the past nine years, since 2006.

Wheels Down Politics – Iowa (http://Iowa.WheelsDownPolitics.com) is the newest spoke. But back on the hub, Wheels Down Politics is the home of our political podcasts, and we hope that will be a great new asset to the Iowa politics discussion.

There are a few podcasts on Iowa politics, but we hope to give this a new focus. We have already been posting new episodes of The Wheels Down Politics Show, and have thus far focused on guests for the Nebraska blog.

But the first step out for Iowa was at Bruce Rastetter’s Iowa Ag Summit, where I took part in the press scrums and observed the coming and going of all those who took part.

You can hear my 2 parter from the Iowa Ag Summit here and here.

(Among other things, you can get my thoughts on the mini-Lindsey Graham phenomenon and the longest exit by any of the candidates – Ted Cruz.)

We look forward to more guests on Iowa politics very soon.

And a note on the podcasts: they should always be accessible and easy. So that means they will last not much longer than the average commute to anywhere in town, back and forth to the coffee shop or an easy workout — 25 to 30 minutes. If they are much longer than that (such as for the Ag Summit) they’ll be split up.


Our first new blog post will be coming at noon today, from one of our contributing writers, so be sure to check back!

Be sure to bookmark us, like us on Facebook and follow us on the Twitter (@WheelsDownPols).

And be sure to add your comments to the posts and podcasts. We look forward to a robust discussion, and your thoughts (keep things civil!) will be a big part of it.

Thanks for visiting and come on back to Wheels Down Politics – Iowa.

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