Dr. Ben Carson at Council Bluffs' Bayliss Park.
Dr. Ben Carson at Council Bluffs’ Bayliss Park.

Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina gave resoundi…


And so went the weekend news.
Whom I don’t blame. That’s their gig. Every other candidate is dog bites man, and who really cares.

But Trump! Did he mean what he said? Did he say what he meant?

OK, here’s my Trumpitudes, and then we will try to be done…with this episode.


I wasn’t sure about his whole, “blood coming out of her where ever” comment until I heard the soundbite.

Just so you can be part of the conservation, here it is:

So in summation…

Abso-friggin-lutely Trump was referring to Megyn Kelly menstruating. Ab-so-lutely.

He gave a slight pause and said, “coming out of her…what ever…”, with a lilt in his voice. Feel free to disagree. If so, you’re wrong.

He definitely meant that.

So…what then?

Erick Erickson disinvited him from his forum to be petulant. And frankly it made Erickson a little news. Had he kept Trump invited, and then Trump said something outrageous again, or had to defend himself there, or whatever, only Trump would get the news. Now a few more people have heard of Erick Erickson and RedState.

But frankly, disinviting Trump only gave his proponents more steam. I say let Trump speak to as many people and events as often as possible.

His only card (his trump card, har har har) is bombast. Beyond that he has nothing. When asked what his proof was that the Mexican Government was sending criminals, etc. over the border, you could hear him panicking. His answer suddenly was “border patrol people” told him so.


So here is the deal. Trump in a debate or a gathering or an anything is like Tiger Woods in the final day of a golf tournament (pre-divorce). He is a ratings magnet. And the more bombastic thing he says, the better.

Until it’s not.

He will go over the top on any issue, and THAT will be the news of the day. Just wait, and he will say something over the top about the Iran deal — insulting Iran or the President, just up to the edge of needing to apologize. Then it will be Planned Parenthood. Or whatever next issue he can hit without needing to provide details.

Look at him when he talks healthcare. He cites the cross-state sale of insurance as his answer. Which has been discussed forever. But when he is asked to drill down, he cites Canada and Scotland as his champs of socialized medicine?

It is hilarious that his top advisor quit, citing Trump’s failure to run a serious campaign. Because that isn’t his plan. I could just hear Trump telling his minions to “do one of those Get Out the Vote things” a week before Iowa or New Hampshire, as they stare at him blankly.

But even more hilarious is Republicans — who actually vote — who think he is the answer to whatever ails America.

Unless they think what ails America is not enough Trump.


By the way, after Trump declared on the Twitter (at 3am!) that Erick Erickson is a “Loser”, I wondered who all was on his Loser list.

Thankfully, someone at the Washington Post took care to calculate it:

Losers: A list by Donald Trump


Dr. Ben Carson drew the peeps out to Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs on Sunday.

It is clear that people do still crave the non-politician — like The Donald — and Carson is someone who comes across just a tad more cerebral than Trump.

A frequent reader attended the event and noted how surprised they were at the crowd for this type of event. It was pretty much just Carson, and getting a crowd like that on a Sunday afternoon — in the heat — is impressive.

Carson seemed to give his main stump speech, and many are still impressed.

It will be interesting to see if he can keep that rolling with Trump and Scott Walker. The latest Public Policy Polling shows Trump now on top in Iowa with 19%, and Carson and Walker at 12% (Jeb at 11%).

But Carson also seems like a candidate who could survive on a shoe-string for quite a while. It waits to be seen how far he can rise.

(And to hear more from Carson, listen to my podcast interview of him here.)

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